Tuesday, September 27, 2011


     I've been really flighty lately, dodging from one thing to the next and haven't had much time to breathe this month. As a result, birds came back into my sketchbook so here are some bird related doodles for you to check out:

A chicken dinner, that's what.

I was going to do the bottom part of the beak as a human jawbone, but didn't finish the idea. 

     I got all of these vinyl letters off of an old whiteboard in an office storage room. I was limited with what I could and couldn't spell, so it influenced the content. I liked the limitation though because it forced me to be creative with what I had. This poor bun bun got all of the scrap though. Sorry guy.

Inspiration from another artist I've seen recently. Fun forms to draw.

Nothing special I guess but I like this one.

     I hope you like all that stuff I just drew, it was really fun to make it. Any feedback is welcome!


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