Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Anniversary!

As of this posting I will have been with my girlfriend and co-blogger Amelia for a year. As you might have guessed from our blog title, this place is an extension of our relationship and the shenanigans we get up to. Sometimes when something goes exceptionally well when we’re out together we like to say that it was because of our ‘daywalker powers’. It’s silly, but in a very real way these daywalker powers are exactly what keep me so happy with our relationship. Amelia has a way of being so buoyant and charismatic that great things happen around her. She is full of energy; constantly vibrant and fresh.

A basket of kittens has nothing on the cutepocalypse going on right here.

Have you seen ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’? If you haven’t you’ve probably seen a clip – it’s an old movie from the late 80’s that had animation overlaid on a live action reel. When I look at Amelia I picture her a lot like that, everything surrounding her goes slightly out of focus and she shines. That’s how completely amazing she is. Everything is made better with her around me. She inspires me to do great things; around her I want to be kinder, healthier and more creative.

This blog is a great treasure for me because I have someone so wonderful to write it with. Every day I look at a picture or a letter that she has given to me and can see her energy through it and I feel able to face the day. She has taught me what a pleasure it is to have a relationship with someone that makes you feel like half of a super hero duo. It’s a great thrill to have such a dedicated teammate to mess around with in my garden or in the studio.

Happy Anniversary, Amelia. I love you very much.


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